26 February 2009

Tom Selleck in "Three Men and a Baby"

Tom Selleck as Peter Mitchell

Three bachelors live by themselves in this 1980's showcase of absolutely no style and horrible situational comedy. Peter Mitchell is the architect who in the same day gets mixed up both in sudden single parenthood and illegal heroin trafficking. Hilarity ensues.

Like all comedy architects, we see Peter as he:

Deals with a baby on his Construction Documents

Cant find his Construction Documents

Points to something important on the job site

The best line of the whole movie is when Peter is trying to change the baby and he states, "I'm an architect for Christ sake, I build 50 story skyscrapers, I assemble cities of the future, I can certainly put together a goddamn diaper." The 50 story skyscraper in question is located on 56th btw 6th and 7th, as ascertained by the above picture. In the background, we see Phillip Johnson's AT&T building, which lead me to believe that the building he is building is this masterpiece:


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  3. Three Men and a Baby is the funniest movie I have ever seen. What I like the most is the baby crawls on all fours everywhere and nothing happens to him.

  4. I watched this movie and I can say that it was perfect because the baby made them pass for hard situation and it was so funny for me, I want to watch it again.