13 February 2009

Kevin Kline in "Life as a House"

Kevin Kline as George Monroe
John Pankow as Bryan Burke

This 2001 emotion-fest is about an architectural drafter/model maker who finds out he has cancer and is given a few months to live. He quits his job, decides to build the house he always wanted to build and reconnects with his troubled son, ex-wife, nosy neighbors, and anyone else who is willing to give him a hug. The story is predictable, the acting is mediocre, and the architecture is craftsman, but dammit, they got me. I did cry, but only a little bit, I swear.

George is about to find out he has ill. The rumors are true: zap-a-gap and accelerant do give you cancer.

After production ended, they had to demolish the house and restore the site to its natural habitat. One LEED pt achieved.


  1. i like the movie "Life as a House" is my favorite
    thank for the website

  2. They didn't "demolish" the house. They disassembled it and re-assembled it along with an expansion to make it the library for a SoCal Elementary School. I've been trying for a while to find the floorplan for the house or more interior shots but alas no luck yet.

  3. I would be amped to find out more details on the house has anyone found anything??

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