12 February 2009

Matthew Broderick in "The Cable Guy"

Matthew Broderick as Steven M. Kovacs

Steven M. Kovacs is an architect that does all the things we expect an architect to do when the job is just a means to show that a movie character is smart, hardworking and respectable. Once again, the job serves as the straight man to Jim Carrey's stooge (see post on Steve Martin in house sitter).

Steven Makes a Presentation that Everyone Loves!

Steven takes a Personal Call while at a Job Site!

Steven Takes his T-Square with him when he gets fired (see post on Jungle Fever)!


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  2. Choosing Matthew Broderick to star as Steven M. Kovacs was a great idea because his performance is amazing! I like the personality and the strength he stands for.

  3. This movie was really funny. I think the director achieved to offer to public what he wanted to. Also Matthew Broderick's performance was mind blowing, he really made a good job.

  4. I don't know why this movie got such a bum rap from most critics. I think it's because Carrey wasn't doing his usual Ace Ventura shtick which I personally don't care for (was not able to sit through either of the Ace Ventura movies). This movie was very funny, good dialogue, good characterization -- the Stephen character was very real and so was the Cable Guy even though he was nutty...