12 February 2009

Matt Dillon in "Something About Mary"

Matt Dillon as Pat Healy as Pat Healy the Architect
Lee Evans as Norm the Pizza Guy as Tucker the Architect

Although there are no real architects in this movie, two of the characters pretend to be architects to win the affections of Mary, a woman who thinks architects are sexy. Hilarity ensues.

Pat Healy the PI as Pat Healy the Architect

One of the best lines occurs when Mary drags Pat to the architecture exhibit. After Pat tries repeatedly to hurry things up and leave the place fearing that he may be found out, they run into Tucker, who exacerbates the Pat's anxiety.

Tucker: Where have I seen your work?
Pat: Well, have you been to, uh well, let me see... Santiago, Chile?
Tucker: Twice last year. Which building's yours?
Pat: Are you familiar with the soccer stadium?
Tucker: Did you build the Estadio Olimpico?
Pat: No, just down the street the Celinto Catayente Towers. It's quite a fine example, in fact. I recommend that next time you're up that way that you drop in and take a gander at it yourself.

Norm the Pizza Guy as Tucker the Architect


  1. deifinitely Matt Damon give to this movie a funny thouch, of course we can't forget the rest of the cast, beside the so pretty look showed by Cameron Diaz, something usual.

  2. One of the most brilliantly written pieces of comedy ever. Every line is like an compact efficient chess move.

    How the web of plausible lies grow but always maintain enough vagueness, one upsman gamesmanship, trying to trip up the attacker and stay on the offensive, with the acceptable risk that no goes to Santiago, or there is likely and Estadio Olympico.

    Especially when they refer back to the conversation later in the script. There should be a hall of fame for scenes like this. And this is just one scene in the movie.