14 April 2009

Gary Cole in 'The Brady Bunch'

Gary Cole as Mike Brady
Steven Gilborn as Mr. Phillips

Gary Cole as Mike Brady, AIA finds out he has only a week to come up with $20,000 in back taxes to save his house. Unfortunately for him, he jumped right out of 1970 and into the early 1990's, where the effects of a recession are in full swing. Money is hard to come about, especially for an architect with limited design skills....

Mr. Phillips: A $20,000 advance! Ha, I'd like to Mike, but we're still hurting from the recession. I only have three developers comming all this week.
Brady: Let me have a shot at those projects, Mr. Phillips. If I can sell one of them my design, you can front me the advance, right?
Mr. Phillips: Sure, but... How should I put this delicately Mike? You designs are from another time.
Brady: Thats kind of you to say Mr. Phillips. I've always thought of my style as classic as well. I'll get right to work.

"What do you think?"
"I Love it, but its too interesting. I want something simple, a couple of self serve pumps and a slurpy machine. Sorry."

"And after much consideration Mr Swanson, I designed a structure especially for your needs. "

"The hardest thing about the health club business is getting people to leave their house."

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  1. I watched this movie today, and it was very cool... I was searching a lot here in the internet because I didnt knew this movie´s name, I was watching this man (Gary Cole, but i didnt knew his name also), I was sure, I knew him from other movie, and the movie ended I changed of channel and was the last episode with him on Desesperate housewives (when his character dies) but I didnt recognized him also...

    But actually I know his name... and it was a great movie... (I never knew it was about a tv show)

    thanks... sorry my bad english...