27 April 2009

Frank Ghery in 'The Simpsons'

Last night's episode of The Simpson's had Bart entering a model building contest with his model of the Westminster Abbey. He was pitted against Milhouse and Martin, who built OMA's CCTV Tower in Beijing, and Oscar Neimeyer's Brazilian Congress. I've been to one of these buildings, and I'll give you a hint *it hasn't caught on fire yet. I was really hoping that Milhouse's CCTV Model was going to catch fire as Super Intendant Chalmers walked by it, as in a reference to the MP Sketch as seen below.

In any case, this sighting of famous contemporary building reminded me that this isn't the first time that The Simpsons have lampooned modern architecture. In April of 2005 Frank Gehry stared as himself. This show made fun of the 'Bilbao Effect' with Marge trying to get Springfield on the map by constructing a new concert hall designed by the Canadian himself. I could right alot about this, but instead, I'm going to direct you to the posts that have already been written by A Daily Dose of Architecture, Veritas et Venustas, Architecture Enlightens Life, Mirage Studio 7, and DavidTeoh.com.


  1. Or as Ralph Wiggum would say, "Super Nintendo Chalmers." Classic.

    I couldn't resist posting some pics myself.

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  3. I was expecting the CCTV building to catch on fire as well, perhaps they did that but some one called it off to or something, but it would have been pretty funny if that model could set on fire.

  4. I love the episode when Frank Ghery appears in 'The Simpsons'! It's very funny because it takes many facts from reality which are transmitted as comedy.

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