18 January 2009

William Petersen in "Fear"

William Petersen as Steve Walker
John Oliver as Eddie Clark

Marky Mark terrorizes an architect's family in this thriller that is set in Seattle. Reese Witherspoon is the daughter of workaholic Steve Walker (CSI's Gil Grissom), an architect who is a paranoid about security. Luckily for him, his paranoia pays off, after Marky Mark's gang lays seige to Steve's state-of-the-art, automatic locked, bulletproof glassed, security camera'ed, lake house.

No magical mailboxes at this lake house

A sub-plot of the movie involves Steve's attempt to land the Vancouver account. Steve's coworker Eddie seems pretty fearful of everyone in the office losing there job. But, apparently Steves the best designer in the firm...

Eddie: The Swaggart Project went to the bad guys. We're on thin ice here. So now its the Vancouver job or bust.
Steve: Well, show me the drafts we got, I'll make the presentation myself.
Eddie: That's what I wanted to hear.

Steve does go on to make the presentation himself, and comes up with this...

He stayed up all night for this?

Eddie: Yes! You did it! This is great. This is a work of art! You think you can stay conscience long enough to crunch out the new numbers?
Steve: I've been living on pure adrenaline for 24 hours, why stop now?

Mark Wahlberg Talks to Architects
"You design buildings? I produce Entourage!
Say 'hi' to your mother for me."


  1. William Petersen is an amazing actor but also, has strong views. Check out this interview of him discussing the 2016 bid Olympics to Chicago!
    YouTube - William Peterson 2016 Olympic Bid Interview w/ Billy Dec

  2. I'd like the plot of this movie because I realize that the main character is so paranoiac and that's what I like because he got into different issues for that situation.,