03 March 2009

E. Fay Jones in Star Trek

Thorncrown Chapel as The Vulcan High Court

A few months ago, the new preview for JJ Abrams' Star Trek remake came out. At 1:09 into the preview you can see the Vulcan home world, which I assume is in Arkansas because it bears a striking resemblance to the E. Fay Jones' Thorncrown Chapel.

Its my guess that the production didn't travel to Eureka Springs to film this scene, most likely they CGI'd the background. Its almost certain that the Production Designer did have a photo or two of the chapel in question while working.

Thorncrown has been hailed as one of America's most spiritually uplifting buildings. One does have to question why the production had to choose such an impassioned building to represent the ideals of a race who's nirvana is pure logic.


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  2. It is in fact a Fay Jones chapel, but not the acclaimed Thorncrown.. This particular chapel is most likely Skyrose Chapel in California..

  3. Or the Chapman University Chapel.. My husband worked for Fay back in the mid 1980s..

  4. definitely the Skyrose, as it appears in the list of locations on IMDB

  5. Fay Jones is one of the most important man in the conservation of the nature but he doesn't forget the progress, excellent combination !